It started a couple of years ago when Milan felt a connection between him and the music you call deep house and techno. Going to party’s in and out the Netherlands, visiting clubs like Weekend, Trouw, Studio 80 and Catwalk (Toffler) to name a view. After that he was excited to play himself, finding his own creativity when it comes to this style of music. So if you want to put it in other words he really looks DEEP into tracks and artists that share the same idea and passion of music.

Playing gigs in his hometown has helped in search of creativity for bigger gigs, with the help of the fresh new label Karton managed by his two really close friends and DJ’s called: P Jones(Pelle Loopik) and the other half of Loose Laces (David van Bilderbeek). Getting their own labelnights around the Netherlands to support their kind of passion and style of music. Milan is perfect for the long opening sets to put a groove in the club and to pump up the atmosphere and he is always in to play till the late hours because that’s what he loves to do!

Recently he wanted to get his mind out into making music, thanks to the help of his friend and one of the Karton owners P Jones to help him on the way. Making a couple tracks together and getting recognition and support from over the world for example: tINI and Yaya from Desolat, Randall M, Chad Andrew, Alexander Kyosev and Rich NxT. He is on a roll and hopes to invite people into his creativity in the future on party’s and events. The same applies for making music for the people that share the same perspective of music.